Cave Carver Package: Cave Carver, Sheath and Sticker. Ships free within the USA.


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Why the Cave Carver?  Its fun, easy and fast!

With the Cave Carver you can remove crescent shaped blocks of snow larger than yourself, and roll them out the door.  Easy on the back because you can excavate while upright, not hunched over hacking at the snow with a shovel.  You will stay dry!  The Cave Carver’s patented teeth are on both sides of the blade so it can can cut through the densest mixed snow with ice, in either direction.  High visibility plastic pistol grips and stainless steel blade come neatly coiled up in a compact sheath.
Save your life in a blizzard.  Make a three-person cave in under an hour.  You will be amazed!


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Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 60 × .75 × 6 in