Purchase: $65

The YangFang snow saw has been designed specifically for snow block construction. With the YangFang’s broad blade you will be able to make many long straight cuts through the densest of snow; and you will be able to make the delicate and precise cuts necessary for shaping and placing blocks exactly how/where they need to go.

60 day money back guarantee:
YangFang Snow Tools, LLC will return the purchase price less shipping to any original purchaser not satisfied with our snow tool, within 60 days of the date of purchase.
5 year warranty:
YangFang Snow Tools, LLC has a five -year limited warranty that covers defects in workmanshop and materials which impact the function of our tools.  This warranty excludes damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident or abuse.
Our snow tools have been designed to cut snow.  They are sharp and should be treated with care and respect.  You should not depend solely on YangFang snow tools for your personal safety.  Your personal safety depends on your own good judgment, based on competent instruction, a reasonable level of experience, and a realistic assessment of your ability to work with snow.  Your use of YangFang snow tools is at your own risk, acknowledging the inherent danger of working with the snow.

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